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Gender & ICTs

Women, Evil and Technology vs Conventional Ideas of Femininity

  “The mermaid, the witch, the femme fatale (…): these are all representations of evil women or women who have subverted the conventional ideas of femininity. Kept alive in oral tradition and hidden in the[…]

Learning Technologies

Technology and Higher Education: challenges and opportunities for coming years

Last month the New Media Consortium (NMC) released its annual Horizon Report which identifies six key trends accelerating technology adoption in higher education and six challenges hindering its adoption. The NMC is a not-for-profit organization[…]

Digital Divides

What the Shift to Mobile Means for Blind News Consumers

It makes sense that the shift to mobile – and the stripped down, sparse aesthetic that in many cases comes with it – makes web navigation easier for someone using screen readers and other tools[…]

Learning Technologies

Horizon 2014 Report Is Out: 6 Technologies Will Change Colleges in Coming Years

The six technologies and the changes they’re expected to bring are detailed in“NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition,” a 52-page document  comprised by the 56 international experts. In a nutshell, the following trends and time horizons were[…]

Education Worldwide

Tech-Enabled Experiments Must Be Part of Education Reform, U.S. Report Says

The U.S. Education Department must experiment with alternative models, such as stackable credentials and competency-based programs, as part of broader reforms of the nation´s postsecondary-education system, according to a report titled “A Path Forward.” published on[…]

Gender & ICTs

Gender equality: from the grassroots of society to the political agenda

On October 1st, the UNESCO Chair in e-Learning participated in the final Roundtable of the research project “Professional trajectories of women in ICT: employment dynamics and policy responses in Spain & the UK”, that has[…]

Learning Technologies

Technology use by 11-12 year old students (Infographic)

Infographic by Greg Swanson in EdTechToolbox

Gender & ICTs

The Most Influential Women in Technology

Fast Company Magazine has compiled a list of the most influential women in technology. They did it last year (2010) and now it’s time to know who are the leading female experts in technology for[…]

Education Worldwide

Technological individualism: subverting the technological choices made by your institution?

[…] Have you been tempted to circumvent or subvert the technological choices made by your institution? When, as tech-savvy academics, should we go our own way technologically, and when should we do our best to[…]

Teacher Development

Online strategies and new business models: the Wikimedia phenomenon

TechTalks, UOC Today Julià Minguillón, Academic Director of the UNESCO Chair had a meeting with Kul Wadhwa, Managing director of Wikimedia Foundation once he finished his talk at UOC (you can see the summary here).[…]