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International Seminars

X International Seminar tweet by tweet, debate by debate

Danica Savonick, from the Futures Initiative, has created a detailed Storify page with a representative selection of the conversations and moments that took place during the Seminar. It is a good summary of the debates[…]

Education Worldwide

Call for Demos extended

The UNESCO Chair for Education and Technology for Social Change is extending the period to present demos for its X International Seminar until October 7: Revisiting the Fundamentals of Traditional Curricula R/Evolution: what “R” would[…]

Education Worldwide

X International Seminar: Registration is Open!

The theme of this year is Revisiting the fundamentals of traditional curricula. R / Evolution: what “R” would mean for Education. You can now register here. The UNESCO Chair in Education & Technology for Social Change[…]

Learning Technologies

VII International Seminar: Mobile Learning

The VII International Seminar of the UNESCO Chair will take place during the second week of October 2010 and the topic will be Mobile Learning.  In the seminar, we will discuss and analyze this emerging[…]