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The Expanded Education

February 2, took place the opening session of the series of conferences on Research and Innovation in the field of culture (I + C + I + CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona)[…]

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VI International Seminar on Open Social Learning (II): Facebook project, an embodiment of edupunk at a public university

VI International Seminar of the UNESCO Chair in e-Learning The Facebook Project. Edupunk and the redesign of power/knowledge relations in a public university setting. Alejandro Piscitelli, Former CEO of Educ.ar, education portal of Argentina. Professor[…]

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Expanded education symposium: who is Brian Lamb?

Disclaimer: this post is an exercise of liveblogging. Even when the content remains forever, must be understood as juncture, with some imprecisions.      This post is egocentric, I’m really sorry about that. But let[…]

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Symposium Expanded Education (ZEMOS98 International Festival)

Guest author: Rubén Díaz Rubén Díaz is a graduate in Audiovisual Communication (University of Seville, 2003), has studied a year away in the Department of Hispanic Studies in the University of Birmingham (UK, 2001) and[…]

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Expanded education symposia

Zemos98 collective and Juan Freire are working on Expanded education, a symposia aimed to “search new educational models” that will take place on Sevilla (Spain) on March 22nd and 29th. The introduction to the event,[…]

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Much more about connectivism

    In the same line of the ideas expressed by Wendy Drexler on The Networked Student video, Bill Farren explains in Insulat-ed how the educational model has changed from a straight unidireccional structure to[…]

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Networked students, connectivism and inspiration

It’s curious to see how a well done thing can be inspiring.     Networked teacher, by Alec Couros on Flickr.  Wendy Drexler is following the Connectivism and connective knowledge on line course promoted by[…]


On line learning and its neologisms

Guest author: Jonatan Castaño Muñoz Lecturer at Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Jonatan has a degree in Political Sciences and in Administration from Barcelona University (2003), he has studied for a Master’s[…]

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Edupunk: second coming

    “Punk is dead, punk is everything“, by Bryan Ray Turcotte, documents more than 30 years of punk aesthetics with a clear idea: punk is dead as a music movement, but you can find[…]

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A short, fresh introduction to Edupunk

I first came to the concept of edupunk through a line dropped by Max Senges, researcher at Stanford University and occasional collaborator of this UNESCO chair, on his Twitter. The sentence went like this: “let’s[…]