Economics of Education

Moving Beyond Access

What Online Education can contribute to Capacity Building and Social Development of Students The UNESCO Chair in Education and Technology for Social Change at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), jointly with the Penn State University[…]

Education Worldwide

Homage to all the teachers of the world

A proverb says that in Japan teachers do not bow at the Emperor, because without teachers there will not be emperors. Far from considering whether this is true or not, having a look on what[…]

Education Worldwide

UNESCO Chair PhD studentship: Adult literacy and learning for social transformation

A fully-funded UNESCO Chair PhD scholarship for a research study within the theme of adult literacy and learning for social transformation is being offered at the University of East Anglia, UK.     The studentship will[…]

Education Worldwide

Chronicle of a biomimetic celebration

A circular room, dark light, dance, mimics, saxophone music, audio-visual projections and much more. You might think that this is a discotheque, but it is not. It is a top notch intellectual performance. Last March[…]

Gender & ICTs

Female leadership: reality & social chance

Our previous post described how, in some contexts, the relation of women and technology is perceived almost as a deviation of the conventional ideas of femininity. But technology is not the only field in which[…]

Gender & ICTs

Women, Evil and Technology vs Conventional Ideas of Femininity

  “The mermaid, the witch, the femme fatale (…): these are all representations of evil women or women who have subverted the conventional ideas of femininity. Kept alive in oral tradition and hidden in the[…]

Education Worldwide

In Homage to Joe Bower, The Teacher from Red Deer

The night of January 3, Joe Bower, a teacher from Alberta, Canada, died of a sudden heart attack, a few days after his 37th birthday. Too early, inexplicably, tragically. Still, the light and inspiration Joe[…]


Premios Manuel Castillo 2015

El Patronat Nord-Sud de la Fundació General de la Universitat de València convoca la séptima edición de los premios Manuel Castillo sobre Cooperación y paz. Estos galardones buscan premiar la labor investigadora y divulgadora de[…]


Marxa Mundial pel Clima #BCN29N

Join the Global Climate March!