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VI International Seminar on Open Social Learning (III): Code, Community and Commerce for Open Social Learning

VI International Seminar of the UNESCO Chair in e-Learning Code, Community and Commerce for OSL. Joel Greenberg, Technical Director, SocialLearn Project, The Open University, UK Notes from the the Open Social Learning, organized by UOC[…]

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Francis Pisani: The Alchemy of Crowds

Presentation of the book La Alquimia de las Multitudes. Cómo la web está cambiando el mundo [The Alchemy of Crowds. How the web is changing the world], by Francis Pisani and Dominique Piotet. February 19th,[…]

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Howard Rheingold: how to make a successful virtual community

[flv]http://unescochair.blogs.uoc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/137/2009/02/hrl.flv[/flv] It was a great pleasure and honour to share a working day with one of the most influential writers about the Internet. As Howard Rheingold says on the video teaser we published some days[…]

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Networked knowledge: a new platform for the UOC’s online content

Guest author: Cristóbal Zamora Strategic Marketing – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Cristóbal is a graduate in Journalism (Autonomous University of Barcelona 1997) and Audiovisual Communication (University of Barcelona, 2001) and has completed postgraduate studies in[…]

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Howard Rheingold’s ‘Virtual Learning Communities’ teaser

  [flv]http://unescochair.blogs.uoc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/137/2009/02/hrt.flv[/flv]  This UNESCO Chair in e-Learning had the privilege of sharing knowledge with Howard Rheingold last December. The American sociologist and writer, author of the so-famous book Smart Mobs and creator of the ‘virtual[…]

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Howard Rheingold: On line social networks

Howard Rheingold (U.S.A – 1947) is one of the most important writers and critics focused on the economics and sociocultural aspects of the internet. Rheingold, which is the creator of the “virtual community” term, started[…]