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Today: International Literacy Day 2014 [UPDATED]

According to the latest OECD’s report, even in developed countries where access to higher education is widening, people are falling short of high levels of skills; other trends is that social mobility is slowing down. UK[…]

Education Worldwide

First ladies Obama and Bush urge African leaders to educate, empower women and girls

In a conversation at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. with former first lady Laura Bush, Michelle Obama shared her personal success story and the important role education played in her life. “I am an[…]

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The face of internationalisation in Europe: brand new EAIE study unveiled by EAIE

As internationalisation of higher education has become increasingly complex and far reaching over the past years, EAIE (European Association for International Education) unveiled a project to undertake comprehensive research to map the state of internationalisation[…]


Working Together to keep the Web Open and Free: Tim Berners-Lee on its 25th Anniversary

In March 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, 58, established a place for himself in the history books by creating the World Wide Web. That month, the Briton, who at the time worked for the European Organization for[…]

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Ill-qualified teachers, poor access to schools at root of global education crisis – UN report

Some 125 million school children around the world are unable to read a single sentence, even after four years of attendance – a waste of $129 billion a year – a United Nations report warns,[…]

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Open Access to Research: trying to throw light on a chain of misunderstandings

Open Access to research outcomes is a well  known and discussed issue, but there is still much misunderstanding and many questions remain unanswered. To illustrate that, The Guardian recently published an article about some OA[…]

Gender & ICTs

Programa de Becas UNESCO-L´ORÉAL para mujeres en el campo de las Ciencias de la Vida

Una vez más, como en años anteriores, se pone en marcha la iniciativa conjunta entre la UNESCO y la Fundación Empresarial L’ ORÉAL con el fin de promover la presencia de la mujer en el[…]

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El mundo necesita ciencia, la ciencia necesita mujeres (Programa UNESCO-L’ORÉAL)

UNESCO-L’ORÉAL Programa internacional de becas “Por las mujeres en la ciencia” El programa UNESCO – L’ORÉAL “Por las mujeres en la ciencia” es una iniciativa conjunta que busca promover la presencia de la mujer en[…]


Cicle de conferències-debat Agenda Política Del Desenvolupament Humà Sostenible (Càtedra UNESCO de Desenvolupament Humà Sostenible)

La Càtedra UNESCO de Desenvolupament Humà Sostenible de la UdG amb la col·laboració de l’Ateneu Popular 9 Barris. Arriba a la desena edició  del conferències Organitzades en el marc del Màster en Desenvolupament Humà Sostenible[…]

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Memoria anual 2010 de la Comisión Española de Cooperación con la UNESCO

La Comisión Española de Cooperación con la UNESCO ha hecho llegar su Memoria Anual del año 2010  a todas las entidades que integran La Red Civil Española UNESCO (escuelas asociadas, asociaciones, clubes, centros,  bibliotecas y[…]