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Learning Technologies

Using Twitter in university research, teaching and impact activities

The London School of Economics and Political Sciences‘ Public Policy Group and their school’s  Impact of Social Sciences blog have posted a complete guide that explains the basics on how to use Twitter as an[…]


Best Twitter users during the #eLChair11 seminar

Why prizes for tweets? This is an effort to encourage participants, specially the first-time and “virtual” attendees to tweet their conference experiences, attitudes and reactions. Our criteria to determine the winners included: Following closely, strong[…]

Teacher Development

LIVE Streaming & Twitter – VIII International Seminar “Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teachers’ Roles”

The Live Streaming of the sessions will start at 09:30 (Spain). Take a look at the Program of the Seminar and choose the ones you want to watch! If the streaming screen below is not[…]

Learning Technologies

11 Consells pràctics per usar Twitter

Twitter és un canal que les institucions (i els departaments de les mateixes) comencen a emprar de forma generalitzada, principalment per fer difusió de la seva activitat i tenir més visibilitat. Cal considerar, per atra[…]

Learning Technologies

Reinventing Twitter

Twitter’s 160 million users are in for a surprise: The microblogging platform has unveiled a radical redesign, designed to lure users away from third-party Twitter readers and persuade them to spend more time on its Webbsite. The[…]

Learning Technologies

Twitter Literacy: what makes the tool valuable?

Critic and writer Howard Rheingold has just coined a very interesting concept. The Twitter Literacy theory (“I refuse to make up a Twittery name for it”, says Rheingold) is motivated by the fact that Nielsen[…]

Learning Technologies

Open interview with Jack Dorsey; is Twitter useful for education?

Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of Twitter, toured Spain recently for several days. During his visit to Barcelona, we had the chance to share a conversation with him. The idea was to make an open[…]

Learning Technologies

What would you ask to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey?

    Well, let’s just imagine that you have a chance to talk with Jack Dorsey, Inventor, Founder, & Chairman of Twitter, what would you like to ask him? Obviously, we are mainly interested on[…]

Learning Technologies

Información personal en tiempo real

Si ayer hablábamos de cómo visualizar el desarrollo mundial, hoy nos centramos en la esfera individual para reseñar un par de aplicaciones. Ya habíamos comentado algunas cosas sobre Twitter aquí. En concreto el pasado mes[…]

Learning Technologies

Twitter: ¿qué está pasando?

Para unos, el lanzamiento de esta nueva aplicación es la máxima expresión de la web social. Para otros es el colmo del ridículo. El caso es que Twitter no está pasando inadvertido para nadie. Se[…]