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Evaluation of the OLPC Program in Perú (Una Laptop por niño)

Information via Inter-American Development Bank The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is conducting a multi-year randomized evaluation of the impact of the OLPC project in Peru – the first rigorous attempt to examine the impact of[…]

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Digital gender divide or technologically empowered women in developing countries?

This article by Martin Hilbert (USC – University of Southern California) was published in Women’s Studies International Forum journal in 2011. ABSTRACT The discussion about women’s access to and use of digital Information and Communication Technologies[…]


Labdoo: laptops for the children in the developing world

The goal of Labdoo is to use grassroots, decentralized, social networking tools to efficiently bring excess laptops to the children in the developing world without wasting additional Earth resources. A laptop is a door to[…]

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ICT Training and Gender | eRwanda Project (World Bank)

Source | World Bank YouTube Channel Video on Gender Training on ICT through eRwanda Project (World Bank), focusing on need to scale up to 600.000 the training that was made for 700.

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VOICES Project: Voice-based Internet Services for Africa

The full name of this project is VOICES: VOIce-based Community-cEntric mobile Services for social development and is funded by the European Comminsion and supported by 12 partners (Web Foundation, W3C/ERCIM, Orange, TNO, VU, CRS4,CSIR, Sahel[…]

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Review: Roundtable on Gender & ICTs with Chat Garcia Ramilo (APC)

Last November 29, the Chair organized a Roundtable on Gender & ICTs and invited Mrs. Chat Garcia Ramilo, from Association for Progressive Communications (APC). Here you can listen to the full roundtable and take a[…]


Tim Unwin video: ICT4D

We finally have the 10 minutes video that summarizes Tim Unwin‘s talk at UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning Fifth International Seminar. One of the most “fighting the digital divide” talks, focused on the development of[…]


Tim Unwin’s ICT4D conference teaser

Last month we made a break in the publication of the videos recorded during our Fifth International Seminar, but we had another good video instead: Jack Dorsey talked with us about possible educational uses of[…]

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OECD: Higher education to 2030

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has just published a monograph studying the demography of education. Under the title “Higher Education to 2030”, this 300 pages document (read only document) summarizes the next[…]