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The Wert Law and the ‘Mcdonalization’ of Spanish -and Catalan- education

The law adopted by the Spanish Government, to take effect on 2014 – 2015 (known as Wert Law), has caused a heated public debate in Spain. We came across an essay of Ferran Ruiz Tarragó,[…]

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VIII Seminar Keynote: The Usual Suspects? “Teachers, Their Challenges and Development” (By Ferran Ruiz Tarragó)

The Usual Suspects? Teachers, Their Challenges and Development (By Ferran Ruiz Tarragó) View more presentations from UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning

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Readings for the Seminar: La Nueva Educación

Author: Ferran Ruiz Tarragó Language: Spanish “Reflections on the schooling model of the industrial age which is worn out and needs to transform the education system to meet the challenges of the knowledge society” Ferran[…]