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RUSC: Digital culture and creative practices in education

Guest author: Elsa Corominas RUSC – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya   Elsa Corominas is Economist, Ph.D candidate in Sociology by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Editorial Secretary of RUSC. _____________________ A new issue of[…]

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What would you ask to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey?

    Well, let’s just imagine that you have a chance to talk with Jack Dorsey, Inventor, Founder, & Chairman of Twitter, what would you like to ask him? Obviously, we are mainly interested on[…]

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UOC opens up its teaching materials

Guest author: Roger Griset Learning Sources – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya   Roger Griset has a diploma in Library Science and Documentation from the University of Barcelona. He is currently working on the OpenCourseWare website[…]

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Ronaldo Lemos: future challenges of education

Disclaimer: this post is an exercise of liveblogging. Even when the content remains forever, must be understood as juncture, with some imprecisions.        Lemos, on the left, talking about the future of education.[…]

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Symposium Expanded Education (ZEMOS98 International Festival)

Guest author: Rubén Díaz Rubén Díaz is a graduate in Audiovisual Communication (University of Seville, 2003), has studied a year away in the Department of Hispanic Studies in the University of Birmingham (UK, 2001) and[…]

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UOC eLearn Center presentation

    The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya has recently created the eLearn Center, a new office that reunites all the e-Learning related initiatives of the institution. Both research projects and diffusion activities will be now[…]

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Sugata Mitra’s ‘Hole in the wall’ conference video preview

  [flv]http://unescochair.blogs.uoc.edu/video/uocunescochairvissmitrashort.flv[/flv]  UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning is proud to start the dissemination of its audiovisual knowledge campaign. Sugata Mitra is the first character of a series of videos that will be published monthly. Today’s[…]

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Educational mobile resources

As Shantanu Narayen says, mobiles are of great help in the fight against the digital divide. Now that It’s been a couple of days since I recieved my Iphone, one of the first things that[…]

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OER Remix: the game

David Wiley, professor at Brigham University and one of the key speakers of UOC UNESCO Chair Fourth International Seminar on 2007, has a great idea. He wants to promote the use of open licenses for[…]

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Expanded education symposia

Zemos98 collective and Juan Freire are working on Expanded education, a symposia aimed to “search new educational models” that will take place on Sevilla (Spain) on March 22nd and 29th. The introduction to the event,[…]