ICTs for Women Empowerment

21 January, 2010

The UNESCO Chair in e-Learning held a roundtable on December 10, with Juliet Webster and Cecilia Castaño under the title ICTs for Women Empowerment.
Juliet Webster is researcher and consultant on women’s working lives in the Information Society, specifically in the implications of changes in technologies and organisations.
Cecilia Castaño has been visiting researcher at Harvard University at the Center for European Studies in 2007 and is currently Manager of the Research Program of Gender and ICTs at the UOC since 2006.

During the roundtable Juliet and Cecilia referred to the different worldwide initiatives on this issue and emphasized the important position of women in the developing countries, since is where they can usually play a key role in spreading knowledge within their communities. As some experts in education quote: teach one woman and you teach a whole community.
The empowerment of women in ICTs is a way to reach a whole community and provide knowledge to it through training a reduce group of women. Instead of trying to reach end-users which in most cases can be a huge effort, teach women in the use of ICTs, can be more efficient to achieve the goal leading to the improvement of the education in a community.

Juliet Webster is author of Shaping Women’s Work: Gender, Employment and Information Technology (1996), and the co-editor of The Information Society in Europe: Work and Life in an Age of Globalization (2000).
Cecilia Castaño is author of Las mujeres y las tecnologías de la información. Internet y la trama de nuestra vida (Alianza, 2005)

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