UNESCO launches a fundraising campaign to bring relief to Nepal

On April 25 and May 12, Nepal was hit hard by two earthquakes that brought about awful consequences to the country and its citizens. The first earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.8-8.1, killed more than[…]


Catalan UNESCO Chairs call attention to the Government with the Palau Robert Manifesto

The Catalan UNESCO Chairs held a meeting on May 6 in Barcelona to discuss the challenges Catalan UNESCO Chairs face in the economic crisis. A paper was presented summarizing the activities of Chairs in research,[…]

Learning Technologies

Fake Diplomas, Real Money

An Insight into the Scam of Diploma Mills “Very little in this virtual realm is real”. This is how New York Times describes the network of alleged education institutions offering fake accreditations run by Axact,[…]

Education Worldwide

Education For All Report Presented in Barcelona

Aaron Benavot, director de of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2000-2015, presented the achievements and challenges of Education worldwide yesterday in Barcelona. All through the event, organized by the UNESCO Center of Catalonia and[…]

Education Worldwide

Call for applications to undertake postdoctoral research studies

  The UOC’s UNESCO Chair is a center for the promotion of research, learning and information resources in the intensive use of ICTs in education for social transformation. As a further step toward fostering meaningful[…]

OpenEd & OER

The state of MOOCs in Europe analyzed

The report “Institutional MOOC Strategies in Europe” is part of the European Union-funded HOME project (Higher Education Online: MOOCs the European Way) led by EADTU. Released a few weeks ago, it presents data on the[…]

Learning Technologies

Technology and Higher Education: challenges and opportunities for coming years

Last month the New Media Consortium (NMC) released its annual Horizon Report which identifies six key trends accelerating technology adoption in higher education and six challenges hindering its adoption. The NMC is a not-for-profit organization[…]

Teacher Development

Nomination call for UNESCO-Hamdan Prize 2015-2016

The fourth edition of the UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers has opened the call for nominations. The prize is awarded every two years and[…]

Gender & ICTs

On the lack of interest of women in ICT studies and occupations

Gest post by Milagros Sáinz, Director of the “Gender and ICT” research group of IN3-UOC, in occasion of the International Women’s Day Women embody a great share of enrollments in university studies in most western[…]

International Seminars

X International Seminar videos now available

Videos of the X International Seminar have been published on UOC’s youtube page. The 2-day seminar led to several discussions on the challenges and opportunities of education regarding to curricula. Our speakers discussed on what[…]