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Homage to all the teachers of the world

A proverb says that in Japan teachers do not bow at the Emperor, because without teachers there will not be emperors. Far from considering whether this is true or not, having a look on what[…]

Education Worldwide

UNESCO Chair PhD studentship: Adult literacy and learning for social transformation

A fully-funded UNESCO Chair PhD scholarship for a research study within the theme of adult literacy and learning for social transformation is being offered at the University of East Anglia, UK.     The studentship will[…]

Education Worldwide

Chronicle of a biomimetic celebration

A circular room, dark light, dance, mimics, saxophone music, audio-visual projections and much more. You might think that this is a discotheque, but it is not. It is a top notch intellectual performance. Last March[…]

Gender & ICTs

Female leadership: reality & social chance

Our previous post described how, in some contexts, the relation of women and technology is perceived almost as a deviation of the conventional ideas of femininity. But technology is not the only field in which[…]

Gender & ICTs

Women, Evil and Technology vs Conventional Ideas of Femininity

  “The mermaid, the witch, the femme fatale (…): these are all representations of evil women or women who have subverted the conventional ideas of femininity. Kept alive in oral tradition and hidden in the[…]

Education Worldwide

In Homage to Joe Bower, The Teacher from Red Deer

The night of January 3, Joe Bower, a teacher from Alberta, Canada, died of a sudden heart attack, a few days after his 37th birthday. Too early, inexplicably, tragically. Still, the light and inspiration Joe[…]


Premios Manuel Castillo 2015

El Patronat Nord-Sud de la Fundació General de la Universitat de València convoca la séptima edición de los premios Manuel Castillo sobre Cooperación y paz. Estos galardones buscan premiar la labor investigadora y divulgadora de[…]


Marxa Mundial pel Clima #BCN29N

Join the Global Climate March!

Economics of Education

Alternative Economic Models for Equitable Online Higher Education

On October 21-22, this UNESCO Chair held a series of events aimed at opening up a new research field on economics of online higher education. This initiative is meant to be our response to widely discussed Sustainable Development[…]