OECD IMHE Conference: Attaining and Sustaining Mass Higher Education

9 January, 2012


The biennial IMHE General Conference (Institutional Management on Higher education) attracts around 500 policy-makers, institutional leaders and academic experts active in higher education. The 2012 conference will be held on 17-19 September in Paris.

In much of the developed world, the issue of sustaining public funding for mass higher education system is reaching a critical point, as is the issue of replacing an ageing academic population. At the same time, in many rapidly growing economies, notably in Asia, investments in research and education are growing rapidly. Even for these countries, however, as for much of the rest of the developing world, major questions loom about quality, breadth of access, and the retention of academic capital.

Higher education institutions are expected to provide education and training relevant to labour market demands, conduct research activities that will build a knowledge-based economy, as well as contribute to social cohesion, regional development and global well-being. They must also strive constantly to fulfil their multiple missions, improve the quality of the education provided, increase their efficiency and demonstrate their contribution to society. The 2012 Conference will focus on the  challenges of attaining and sustaining mass higher education, in an increasingly competitive and international context.

The Conference will seek to identify longer-term trends and will include analyses of national policy, institutional case studies and research carried out within the OECD and beyond.

The papers that will be presented during the event will focus in the following areas:

  • The Globalisation of Higher Education
  • Funding & Financing
  • Quality & Accountability
  • System Management & Institutional Diversity
  • Exploiting Technology for Learning
  • The Academic Workforce


The IMHE 2012 General Conference takes place in Paris on 17-19 September 2012. It will be held at the Conference Centre at OECD Headquarters: 2 rue André-Pascal, 75016 Paris, France.

More information in the conference website | www.oecd.org/edu/imhe/generalconference


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