Labdoo: laptops for the children in the developing world

14 December, 2011

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The goal of Labdoo is to use grassroots, decentralized, social networking tools to efficiently bring excess laptops to the children in the developing world without wasting additional Earth resources. A laptop is a door to education, providing children free access to open source education tools and electronic books through the Internet.

In the richer countries, every year more than a hundred million laptops are replaced by new ones. This number continues to increase, yet most of the children in the poor regions of the world still lack access to education.

Christmas Labdoo’s “Mini Magic Box”

At Labdoo this Christmas they had an idea to help bring “edoocation” to every child in the planet: instead of asking for a money donations, they would like to ask for just a bit of time…

Without leaving home, 75 minutes of time a single person’s life can change the edoocation path of a child (Details also available in Catalan, Spanish and Chinese).

Do you have an unused laptop? or can you collect one from a relative or friend?

Then you can take on your own mini mission!

Follow the next magic box steps and make it happen:

Magic Box

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