Readings shared by the participants


The SAGE Handbook of Ageing, Work and Society (2013, just off the press)

Prolonging Working Life in an Aging world: A Cross-national Perspective on Labor Market and Welfare Policies Toward Active Aging (2013)

2013 AAA Aging and Life Course Interest Group Guide to Key Resources (A comprehensive reference source on ageing from the Anthropological perspective, shared by Jay Sokolovsky)

A sociological approach to ageing, technology and health

Changing attitudes towards elderly dependence in postwar Japan

Cognitive reserve in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease

Demographic challenges and social security

Devolution and Privatization Proceed and Centralized System Maintained: A Twisted Reality Faced by Japanese Nonprofit Organizations

Dynamics between nonprofit and for-profit providers operating under the Long-Term Care Insurance System in Japan

El poder gris. Consecuencias culturales y políticas del envejecimiento de la población

Ethnic Elders and the limits of family support in a globalizing world

Exploring barriers to participation and adoption

ICT and Older People: Beyond Usability

MATURE Research Report

Proceedings of the First European Conference on Design 4 Health 2011

Handbook on Brain Training for Older People

Reconceptualizing digital social inequality

Structural and Functional Imaging Correlates of Cognitive

The Cultural Context of Aging

The development of a sensor-based System for older people




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