VIII International Seminar: Demo Proposals Worth-Reading


The VIII International Seminar “Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teacher’s Roles” took place more than a week ago. Now, while we keep posting the presentations of our keynote speakers and demo presenters, we have also decided to publish some of the demo proposals received during the Call for Demos. Of course,  the authors have given us the permission to share their demo proposals in this blog. Although this demo proposals were not selected to be included in the definitive program of the Seminar, we are sure you will find them quite interesting.

1) Case Studies & Country-based Demo proposals:

Teacher Training in Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust. Case study from Pakistan

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 174 KB)

Author: Mrs Abida Mahmood (PGCE- London) (TEFL-London) (MA Eng- PU)
Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust (Administrator )
Pakistan Education Watch (General Secretary )
Teacher Trainer from UK
Member: IATEFL (UK), NATE (UK), SPELT (Pakistan), Focus (Pakistan)

Professional Development of Primary School Teachers in Iran  (Challenges and Perspectives)

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 184 KB)

Author: Fouzieh Sabzian
PhD Student in Education
University of Sains Malaysia
Pinang, Malaysia

Providing e-learning Capacity Training Courses to Teachers Working in Early Child Care Centres (A Case Study)

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 184 KB)

Author: Doris Anusi and Jecinta Anagbogu
Senior Programme Officers (Lagos Office)
Society for Promotion of Education and Development (SPED)


2) Platform-based Demo proposal:

OpenSE Project – Towards an Open Educational Framework for Software Engineering

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 172 KB)

Author: José Carvalho
Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI)
Project website:


3) European Project:

ITEMS Project: Improving Teacher Education in Mathematics and Science

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 48 KB)

Author: Bernat Martínez
ITEMS Coordinator
ITEMS Project website:
ITEMS Project blog:

The 1st Working After-Seminar Day

VIII Seminar Group

Cordial greetings!

During two days we had been discussing variety of issues in teacher training: reconsidering teachers’ roles in our VIII International Seminar in Barcelona last week. Presentations of our keynote speakers and demo presenters were followed by rich debates.

Today is the first working “after” day, and we are tiding up all the information created during the seminar. What we share today is just a tip of the iceberg, still it may be of interest of the participants, those who were lucky enough to be with us face-to-face but also those following it through live streaming and twitter.

Firstly, a few words about some stats of the seminar. We had 86 attendees from 20 different countries. During the seminar, almost 1500 tweets were generated; we will analyze them in more detail. Tweets were promoted and curated by César Córcoles, who took care of the @UOCunescochair Twitter account during the seminar. Ismael Peña was in charge of live blogging, doing an excellent work summarizing each of the talks in real time:

ICTlogy By Ismael-Peña López ( )







Last, but not least, the seminar also generated some beautiful noise around it. Currently now we can highlight the following, but we expect this list to grow with all your post-seminar activity:

Learning with e’s By Steve Wheeler ( )


Grow or Pay By Hanna Teräs ( )


School Networking By Sigi Jakob ( )


In the following days we will be posting additional resources related to the seminar, such as speakers’ presentations, video recordings, your comments, etc. Therefore, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog in order to keep up to date. And, of course, if you have any idea, comment or request, do not hesitate to contact us through commenting this very same entry or our email catedraunesco[at]

Thank you for having been with us and keeping in touch!

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Readings for the Seminar: La Nueva Educación

La Nueva EducaciónAuthor: Ferran Ruiz Tarragó

Language: Spanish

Reflections on the schooling model of the industrial age which is worn out and needs to transform the education system to meet the challenges of the knowledge society”

Ferran Ruiz discusses the current status of an educational system that seems unable to adapt to the demands of soaring knowledge society in which we live. Furthermore, it appears that education remains stagnant in the past methods and formulas which are ineffective in preparing citizens for a rapidly approaching future.

Throughout the work, the author criticizes precisely the prevailing asymmetric learning in education today (for which the student is a passive recipient of content that an active and committed) and proposes a transformation of the educational system in the the information technology and communication have a vital role in personalized learning, development and comprehensive training cratividad.

The result of his analysis is a call for action plan based on realistic assumptions and cementing a new educational leadership able to meet the challenges plated business and social realities of our environment.

Find this book at Casa del Libro or LIDeditorial

More on the autor: Notas de opinión (author’s weblog)