Evaluation of the OLPC Program in Perú (Una Laptop por niño)

Information via Inter-American Development Bank


The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is conducting a multi-year randomized evaluation of the impact of the OLPC project in Peru – the first rigorous attempt to examine the impact of the largest “1-to-1 computing” initiative in a developing country. Building on their initial report in 2010, they built a second report (in December 2011), that examined the academic achievement and impacts on cognitive skills that XO laptops facilitated in a 15-month randomized control trial with 21,000 students in 319 schools.


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Labdoo: laptops for the children in the developing world

Labdoo Logo

The goal of Labdoo is to use grassroots, decentralized, social networking tools to efficiently bring excess laptops to the children in the developing world without wasting additional Earth resources. A laptop is a door to education, providing children free access to open source education tools and electronic books through the Internet.

In the richer countries, every year more than a hundred million laptops are replaced by new ones. This number continues to increase, yet most of the children in the poor regions of the world still lack access to education.

Christmas Labdoo’s “Mini Magic Box”

At Labdoo this Christmas they had an idea to help bring “edoocation” to every child in the planet: instead of asking for a money donations, they would like to ask for just a bit of time…

Without leaving home, 75 minutes of time a single person’s life can change the edoocation path of a child (Details also available in Catalan, Spanish and Chinese).

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VIII International Seminar: Demo Proposals Worth-Reading


The VIII International Seminar “Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teacher’s Roles” took place more than a week ago. Now, while we keep posting the presentations of our keynote speakers and demo presenters, we have also decided to publish some of the demo proposals received during the Call for Demos. Of course,  the authors have given us the permission to share their demo proposals in this blog. Although this demo proposals were not selected to be included in the definitive program of the Seminar, we are sure you will find them quite interesting.

1) Case Studies & Country-based Demo proposals:

Teacher Training in Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust. Case study from Pakistan

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 174 KB)

Author: Mrs Abida Mahmood (PGCE- London) (TEFL-London) (MA Eng- PU)
Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust (Administrator )
Pakistan Education Watch (General Secretary )
Teacher Trainer from UK
Member: IATEFL (UK), NATE (UK), SPELT (Pakistan), Focus (Pakistan)

Professional Development of Primary School Teachers in Iran  (Challenges and Perspectives)

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 184 KB)

Author: Fouzieh Sabzian
PhD Student in Education
University of Sains Malaysia
Pinang, Malaysia

Providing e-learning Capacity Training Courses to Teachers Working in Early Child Care Centres (A Case Study)

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 184 KB)

Author: Doris Anusi and Jecinta Anagbogu
Senior Programme Officers (Lagos Office)
Society for Promotion of Education and Development (SPED)


2) Platform-based Demo proposal:

OpenSE Project – Towards an Open Educational Framework for Software Engineering

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 172 KB)

Author: José Carvalho
Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI)
Project website: www.opense.net


3) European Project:

ITEMS Project: Improving Teacher Education in Mathematics and Science

(See Demo Proposal. PDF, 48 KB)

Author: Bernat Martínez
ITEMS Coordinator
ITEMS Project website: itemspro.net/moodle/
ITEMS Project blog: itemspro.net

Futures of Technology in Africa

Source | Stiching Toekomstbeeld der Techniek

Thanks to iHub Nairobi (@iHubNairobi) we get to know this interesting publication on the current situation & opportunities in Africa, with an interesting focus on ICts.

The book Futures of Technology in Africa is the result of a three year foresight project. It reveals insights into the next two decades of ICT, energy and infrastructure and how developments in these sectors are going to affect everything else. It contains scenarios providing a fascinating glimpse of how the opportunities and risks might play out. You will find advice on how businesses can take parts in the opportunities, as well as lessons that the West can learn from Africa. As a bonus, the book also contains one of the very few African science fiction stories, specially written for this publication. Whatever your interest in Africa, this book is sure to surprise you.

Download page (PDF, Flyer, Highlights & Video)

Futures of Technology in Africa – Jasper Grosskurth from STT on Vimeo.