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Albert Sangrà – Introduction

Transcript here–>Evidencias frente a la post-verdad


Paul Prinsloo, UNISA – Lecture

Transcript here –> Learning analytics in a time of an insatiable thirst for data and evidence: A provocation


Olaf Zawacki-Richter, University of Oldenburg – Presentation

Transcript here –>Relevance and rigour – towards evidence-based practice in education


Richard Garrett, The Observatory of Borderless Higher Education – Presentation

Transcript here –>Learning analytics: a noble attempt to solve problems in Higher Education


Francesca Pozzi, ITD – Presentation

Transcript here –>Will the future of Higher Education be evidence-based?


Frans Kaiser, CHEPS – Presentation

Transcript here–>Will the future of Higher Education be evidence-based? A different perspective

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