Alternative Economic Models for Equitable Online Higher Education

On October 21-22, this UNESCO Chair held a series of events aimed at opening up a new research field on economics of online higher education. This initiative is meant to be our response to widely discussed Sustainable Development Goals announced by the United Nations.  Broadening of access to the higher education and making it affordable and equitable is the new imperative for global policies on education.

We have launched these new activities with a Roundtable, Alternative Economic Models for Equitable Online Higher Education, organized under sponsorship of Obra Social “la Caixa”  (Internationalization at Home Program). Central part of it is a public talk by the invited expert from USA, Burck Smith, CEO & Founder of StraighterLine. As Burck Smith had testified to the U.S. White House´ Committee on improving higher education and the workforce.

“Despite massive investments in technology, higher education prices are rising and quality declining. In every other industry, technology investments yield cost savings which translate to lower prices and higher quality – productivity increases. Why not in higher education?”

StraighterLine has found its innovative and sustainable business model to resolve the apparent conundrum. This video contains the presentation of Burck Smith, while the second part, discussion, will be published later.

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3 comentarios en “Alternative Economic Models for Equitable Online Higher Education”

  1. You picked right points on Economic Models. I agree with you that now a days higher education prices are rising and quality are declining. I also like this video that contains the principles of digital economics on higher education .I am waiting for your second part discussion and would love to hear from you!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunately, due to technical issues we will not be able to post the discussion.
      However, during this year we are preparing two Workshops in which we will continue discussing this topic. The first one
      will be next month and we will prepare several post with the main ideas.

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