Best Twitter users during the #eLChair11 seminar

Why prizes for tweets?

This is an effort to encourage participants, specially the first-time and “virtual” attendees to tweet their conference experiences, attitudes and reactions. Our criteria to determine the winners included:

  • Following closely, strong engagement (number of tweets).
  • Synthesizing a speaker’s argument.
  • Paraphrasing a key point.
  • Quoting a great line.
  • Questioning some statements.
  • Suggesting a new angle to the idea.
  • Offering an additional source.


In a nutshell: adding value and engaging into the discussion.

As we announced before the start of the VIII International Seminar, we are glad to reveal the identities of the best Twitter users who most actively participated in the #eLChair11 stream. First, a few stats about the Twitter tream: in two days we had more than 1400 tweets from 243 different users, following a very Pareto-like distribution: the most active 42 users (17.3%) generated 1171 tweets (82.7%).

So, we would like to award both @Networking_Lady (Sigi Jakob) and @torresk (Ricardo Torres) as the most outstanding Twitter participants, with 182 and 118 tweets respectively.

Last, but not least, we think that @timbuckteeth (Steve Wheeler) also deserves a very special mention (and a prize as well) as he was able to give his talk, ask questions to the other speakers and, at the same time, post twice in his blog as well as generate more than 200 tweets; that’s what we call a tremendous attendee!!!

The prize is a book of winner’s choice which will be sent to their his/her home via, so the winners, please, contact us and tell us which book you want and other mailing details (email us catedraunesco[at]


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