Today is Teachers' Day! (October 5)

Teachers Day TabletYes, it is. The World Teachers’ day has been held annually on October 5th since 1994.  It was created by the UNESCO, and is celebrated by teachers worldwide. This day has the aim to mobilise support for all teachers and ensure that the needs of future generations of learners will continue to be met by teachers.

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The theme for this year is: Teachers for gender equality.

Despite the teaching profession being made up largely of women, inequality remains an issue. Even if measures to ensure equality are enshrined into the policies and constitutions of many states, for millions of female teachers, the goals remain unfulfilled. The teaching profession, both men and women, must unite and urge governments to implement their commitments. Let’s move from words to action: WTD is your day!

Ya have also the chance to participate in the online discussion forums of the World Teacher’s Day day at

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