Readings for the Seminar: La Nueva Educación

La Nueva EducaciónAuthor: Ferran Ruiz Tarragó

Language: Spanish

Reflections on the schooling model of the industrial age which is worn out and needs to transform the education system to meet the challenges of the knowledge society”

Ferran Ruiz discusses the current status of an educational system that seems unable to adapt to the demands of soaring knowledge society in which we live. Furthermore, it appears that education remains stagnant in the past methods and formulas which are ineffective in preparing citizens for a rapidly approaching future.

Throughout the work, the author criticizes precisely the prevailing asymmetric learning in education today (for which the student is a passive recipient of content that an active and committed) and proposes a transformation of the educational system in the the information technology and communication have a vital role in personalized learning, development and comprehensive training cratividad.

The result of his analysis is a call for action plan based on realistic assumptions and cementing a new educational leadership able to meet the challenges plated business and social realities of our environment.

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