Horizon Report 2011: different approaches

2011 Horizon Report

The Horizon Report 2011 has been published recently, but not everyone agrees with the reports predictions. Stephen Downes shows us a good list of different approaches in his webpage:

Source | Stephen Downes webpage

[…] As usual, in my opinion, the Horizon Report tracks technologies that have become more prevalent in media reports. It is a publicity tracker, not a tech tracker. That’s why, for example, you’ll never see ‘personal server’ or ‘home server’ in the predictions until after production has started and they’re appearing in media reports. That’s why this year’s report features the following: e-books, mobile computing, augmented reality, game-based learning, gesture-based computing, and learning analytics. More from Helge Sherlund, Dean Groom (“This must have been written by educators, not gamers”), Ray Tolley (“It is time education got its head out of the sand and looked at what the big wide world *IS* doing”), Graham Attwell (“We may actually be seeing the zenith of the Kindle”), Jane Hart and Tony Bates (“Only two out of six (mobile learning and learning analytics) are common between us – who do you think is right?”)

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