VOICES Project: Voice-based Internet Services for Africa

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The full name of this project is VOICES: VOIce-based Community-cEntric mobile Services for social development and is funded by the European Comminsion and supported by 12 partners (Web Foundation, W3C/ERCIM, Orange, TNO, VU, CRS4,CSIR, Sahel Eco, Ecole Superieure Multinationale des Telecommunications, Fondation Merieux, Portugal Telecom Innovation, North West University)

The project will focus on offering voice-based services, including both individual personalized approaches and and broadcasted content.

The project will focus in 4 major aspects:

  • Platform and Toolbox: Designing and implementing a free and open source platform with essential functionality for building and delivering voice-based services
  • Business Models: Identifying relevant and applicable business models for such services
  • Language Support: Designing new methodologies to build low-cost high quality text-to-speech and speech recognition engines
  • Capacity Building: training entrepreneurs and students on how to create such services and make them self-sustainable

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  1. This voice-based internet service project is really interesting. Many people in my country, South Africa, need access to technology in order to assist social development. Unemployment is really high, and many people need ideas or assistance in entrepreneurship.

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