Seminar "Learning Object Repositories with DSpace"



Last Monday 13, the Chair held the seminar Learning object repositories with DSpace in which Bob Strunz (University of Limerick) and Gareth Waller (University of Edinburgh) showed and explained to us their projects on DSpace-based open repositories for learning objects: The Jorum Project & the NDLR (National Digital Learning Resources)

Here you have the link to a package of the Jorum Repository with the files of the presentation (including all videos):

We also provide you some photos of the session:

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  1. Just wanted to share my post-seminar mail to the speakers, Bob and Gareth:

    … and thanks go back to you and Bob for your time to travel, spend a day with us, and especially for the exemplary preparation of the talk, with the seamless connection between interventions. Really, it has been a great duo!

    ..many things to learn from them, not only
    from presented experience but also in the presentation skills and the style..

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