Learning with videogames? Of course!

This is a excerpt from an article published in The New York Times by Sara Corbett | Read the full article.
It is  worth reading as long as many of the ideas and the main project that presents match with some of the ones that will be shown in our VII International Seminar in October 6-7.

Gillian Laub for The New York Times

[…] What if teachers gave up the vestiges of their educational past, threw away the worksheets, burned the canon and reconfigured the foundation upon which a century of learning has been built? What if we blurred the lines between academic subjects and reimagined the typical American classroom so that, at least in theory, it came to resemble a typical American living room or a child’s bedroom or even a child’s pocket, circa 2010 – if, in other words, the slipstream of broadband and always-on technology that fuels our world became the source and organizing principle of our children’s learning? What if, instead of seeing school the way we’ve known it, we saw it for what our children dreamed it might be: a big, delicious video game? […]

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