Technological individualism: subverting the technological choices made by your institution?


[…] Have you been tempted to circumvent or subvert the technological choices made by your institution? When, as tech-savvy academics, should we go our own way technologically, and when should we do our best to support the technology being used by our colleagues?

This is the closing question in an article of the Chronicle of Higher Education used to start a debate among their readers.

Many tech-savy academics find themselves in trouble when trying to use software that has not been officially approved by their institutions. Sometimes, institutions think that their staff members should accept and do not discuss technological choices as long as this choices involve investments with related costs (licences, support, maintenance…) We must take into account that this is important when it is related to CMS systems (Content Magament Systems) and other tools that allow academics to make difussion of their work and get in touch with people of their field of work.

So, it is clear that some choices may not be the best ones to support certain academics’ or departments’ activities, in that case, should the staff of this institutions go their on way?.  Should we devote to our institutions’ technological choices or devote to the efectiveness of these choices?

What dou you think?

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