#MetaOER Project: Open Repository on Open Educational Resources on Open Educational Resources

During the last two months, the UNESCO Chair in e-Learning of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) has been developing a project named MetaOER. This project is devoted to the promotion of Open Educational Resurces using an Open Repository, the institutional Open Access Repository of the University (O2), to collect and centralize key Open Educational Resorces on Open Educational Resurces (OER documents that show how to create, license, share… other OER resources).

This project involves the use of web 2.0 collaborative tools such as del.icio.us to provide an effective way to locate, tag, and share the original location of existing OER documents available all over the web,  facilitating the process of evaluating and adding them to the Open Repository, so  they could be always available in the same place to the OER community, teachers, and everyone interested.

The project is leaded by Dr. Julià Minguillón, and for the last two months has counted with the collaboration of a MIT Stundent of the program MIT-Spain, Andres Simauchi, and the Coordinator of the Chair, Jordi Cornet.

Our goal is to provide an operative, accessible and supported Open Repository to centralize and make available all key OER documents on OER.

It is also our intention to organize a workshop on November 5 to show some of the results, just after the  Open Ed 2010 (Open Education Conference) which will took place in Barcelona in November 2-4.

It is our will to present this project to the OER community and ask for collaboration in the process of locating and tagging key Open Educational Resources on Open Educational Resources.

For more information on the project, please download the resume of the project below.

Resume of the ongoing project | PDF (200 Kb)

Our Del.icio.us | Our tagged resources

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