India wants a $10 Laptop Per Child

Is this a hype? OLPC argues that we should take into account that OLPC promised that by 2010 his laptops would be no more expensive than $50, and according to OLPC news, it has been said that 3 years will be neccessary before the first $10 indian laptop could be available. So, anything new on the horizon? India tries to compete with Negroponte’s project in terms of  feasibility, but that’s all.

Even if the background of this initiative is honest (as many others involving the use of mobile technologies for learning and development), we should think if focusing on creating cheaper low-cost devices for learning and development is what we should be aiming for. Maybe we should first understand how this technologies may help, and understand the environments of people we want to help with this technologies.

What dou you think?

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4 comentarios en “India wants a $10 Laptop Per Child”

  1. Hundreds of millions of Indians live in extremely poor conditions, and face a lot of external challenges like migration from bangladesh which is even poorer, growth of terrorism in Assam and other states, etc.
    These problems seem to be much more urgent than to equip these poor millions with $10 laptops. Will these laptops help them to get out from slums?
    The idea may be good for Indian schools… but there is another side too – Internet globalization, IMHO, is very harmful for Indian culture and Indian youth…

  2. Having been in the computer field since 1961 I have never understood those who “work backwards from the answer”, when it comes to using computers and automation in general. One would hope that these initiatives are based on solid research, and study, as to how these products will be used and better the lives of those using the inexpensive devices. If they serve only to make masses of people unhappy with their current situation then what was accomplished? If they are used to educate the user on how to improve their lives, then the effort is worth it.

    In the meantime there is so much used technology available that would help those that are lacking, that we should focus on keeping these products out of the scrap heap and do some good with what is already available.

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