II Meeting Of Catalan UNESCO Chairs

Last 21 June, 2010  many of the numerous UNESCO Chairs of Catalonia met at the CIMNE in the Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia in order to set the state-of-the-art of the Catalan UNESCO Chairs framework.

It’s a fact that Chairs need to collaborate in order to get funding and increase its visibility. Our activities as Chairs may be diferent and our research fields could not be connected, but as UNESCO Chairs, it’s our duty to coordinate and make ourselves visible. It was also said in the meeting that the Centre UNESCO de Catalunya (also called Unescocat) is without any doubt the best ally for all catalan Chairs. Some of the atendees reflected about the necessity of avoiding time-consuming formal presentations of activitites and encourage more constructive direct discussions.

The will of survival, the lack of funding, the lack of resources… are this key threats to catalan Chairs activities, or maybe only excuses to keep acting as isolated groups? What do you think? Which is the next step? Will we jump from theory to practice? We hope so!

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