Tablets for development: Advance or hype?

One Laptop Per Child aims to Produce $100 Tablets. They plan to produce 100% plastic devices by 2012, reduce the cost to $75 and include a dual mode display so that the tablet will work both in the sunlight and at night.

OLPC has  joined forces with Marvell in order to produce the Tablet. At the present time, all we know about these brand-new low cost tablets are some their specifications:  Processor ARMADA 610, WiFi (n), Bluetooth, radio FM,  GPS, video a 1080p, 3D graphics,  Adobe Flash and QWERTY keyboard. Sounds ambitious…

But the question we want lo launch is: will this suceed  or it is only more hype on the usage of mobile technologies for development? Are we finding the right solutions? We still don’t have a clear overview of the results of the OLPC program, aren’t we rushing a little bit? What do you think?

Via | Mashable

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