E-learning Standards: practical guide

Dear all,

Hereby we include a guide made with the collaboration of many universities, among them the UOC, of e-Learning standards. The work has been published by the Universidad de Alcalá (Spain).

Hilera, J.R., Hoya, R. (2010). “Estándares de e-learning: guía de consulta”. ISBN: 978-84-693-0263-7. (234 pages)

You can also download the Proceedings of the Iberoamerican Conference that took place in Alcalá de Henares February 24-26.

Hilera, J.R., Cervantes, F., Bengochea, L. (2010). Libro de Actas del I Congreso Iberoamericano sobre Calidad de la Formación Virtual (CAFVIR 2010). ISBN: 978-84-8138-862-6. (436 pages).

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