VI International Seminar on Open Social Learning (IX): Closing

VI International Seminar of the UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning

Notes from the Open Social Learning, organized by UOC UNESCO Chair in E-Learning and held in Barcelona, Spain, on November 30th and December 1st 2009.

During two days we have been discussing the real possibilities of using social networks for teaching and learning. Experts from different countries have shown several satisfactory experiences related to social learning. The main conclusion of the seminar is that open social learning is a promising approach which still needs to be massively and courageously adopted by teachers and educational institutions, in order to cope with the demands of a evolving learning community which is demolishing the barriers between formal, non-formal and informal learning. More pilot experiences are needed and the whole learning process must be rethought, including the organization of educational resources, assessment and evaluation activities, reflection and the underlying technologies.

On the other hand, we used Twitter as a seminar live back-channel, allowing everybody to react and comment on the presentations of the keynote speakers. All the generated tweets (over 700) are available here. Now it’s time to further analyze the whole discourse and detect the main issues raised by all the users participating through Twitter.

Finally, we would like to encourage the audience to provide us feedback about the seminar and start a valuable discussion. We would like to know from you:

Do you believe Open Social Learning will eventually take off in educational practice?

Which topics do you think should be covered in the future editions of the seminar?

Photos of the VI International Seminar

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