What would you ask to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey?



Well, let’s just imagine that you have a chance to talk with Jack Dorsey, Inventor, Founder, & Chairman of Twitter, what would you like to ask him? Obviously, we are mainly interested on possible educational uses of this tool. Mature your thoughts, and once you find the great question, just leave it on the comments (remember, 140 characters maximum), because we are interviewing Jack Dorsey this week and want to count with your experience and interests. You can also send us (me, in this case) your questions via Twitter. Deadline for questions submission is wednesday 23:59.

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  1. Hi Jack!
    First of all, congratulations on this point for having created Twitter, so I will not … jejeje!
    My question I want to focus on the use of Twitter as a tool to use 2.0 and each user makes it. As I write this I notice that my Twitter account every aspect of changes recently. I see the changes that focus on the search for common terms yaa terms. These are the changes that will bring Web 2.0 to Twitter or Twitter is already in itself Web 2.0?
    Building on these recent changes … when a multi-Twitter?

    And finally, watching the Obama campaign launched via Twitter and the success … Twitter is a political tool?

    I feel if my English is not very correct, but I use the Google translator! jejeje

    Well, greetings, thank you and hope to see you on my blog (sorry, it’s in Spanish)


    Hola Jack!!
    Primero que nada, a estas alturas sobran las felicitaciones por haber creado Twitter, así que no lo haré…jejeje!!
    Mi pregunta quiero enfocarla al uso de Twitter como herramienta 2.0 y al uso que cada usuario hace de ella. Mientras escribo esto compruebo que mi cuenta en Twitter cambia de aspecto cada poco tiempo. Los cambios veo que se enfocan a la búsqueda de términos comunes y a a términos concretos. Son estos los cambios que acercarán Twitter a la web 2.0 o es ya Twitter en si mismo Web 2.0?
    Aprovechando estos recientes cambios… para cuando un Twitter multilenguaje?

    Y por último, viendo la campaña que Obama lanzó vía Twitter y el éxito que tuvo… es Twitter una herramienta política?

    Los siento si mi inglés no es muy correcto, pero utilizo el traductor de Google!! jejeje

    Bueno, un saludo, mil gracias, y espero verte por mi blog ( lo siento, es en español)

  2. Hi,

    Congratulations for your valuable blog.

    My questions for @jack:

    Which are the twitter uses in education you find interesting? How do you plan to support the educators community with new facilities such as private groups?

    About our experience – Can we use Twitter for educational activities? – http://tinyurl.com/1paper .

    Also we have developed the microblogging platform http://www.cirip.eu for education: online courses, courses enhancement, knowledge management; embedding multimedia objects, private and public groups, feeds monitoring – presentations http://linkbun.ch/86ca .


  3. Hi to all 🙂

    We have already done this interview, it will be published in one week (more or less).

    Some of the questions were used on the interview. Some of them couldn’t due to lack of time 🙂

    Kind regards!

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