Expanded education symposium: everything is yet to be done

Disclaimer: this post is an exercise of liveblogging. Even when the content remains forever, must be understood as juncture, with some imprecisions. 




Image of the symposium room just before it gets filled of audience 

I’m writing from Sevilla, where the Expanded Education Symposium (which is part of the Zemos98 festival on its 11th Edition) is about to start. As one of the festival slogans says: “everything is left to do”.

Being honest, the event has already started. Right now we are listening to Gonzalo Frasca‘s speech about how video games can help us on the learning process and in creating our own critical opinion, but the symposium opening is going to happen in some minutes.

Jesús Martín Barbero, academic communicator and counsellor of Cultural Policies for UNESCO, is going to open the seminar with a very interesting topic: “The educational city: from a society with an educational system to a knowledge and learning society”.

As Ruben Díaz, one of the organizers of the event, announced some days ago on this blog, there are three big conferences/lines of discussion on Expanded Education Symposium.

After Martín Barbero’s intervention, Brian Lamb will speak on Tuesday about the need of an open education (he will presumably answer to such interesting questions like: “How many copyright violations can we make on a public presentation?”, “What is data literacy?”, “Has the web 2.0 bubble already exploded?”). The UOC UNESCO Chair is actually collaborating on this conference (I will myself introduce the speaker to the audience and moderate the post-intervention discussion).

On Wednesday Ronaldo Lemos will speak about social and economic changes that will be influencing the future of education.

This conferences and some more content will be liveblogged until Thursday. Stay tuned, Martín Barbero in some minutes…

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