Social Media Periodic Table

Rick Liebling, owner of Eyecube blog, had a brilliant idea:

Social Media really is a lot like chemistry. There is a huge pool of elements you can choose from and an infinite variety of combinations you can create. Twitter + sharing + commenting will give you a different result than blogging + LinkedIn + Flickr. Then of course there are the active ingredients – the people. A dash of Chris Brogan plus a big helping of David Armano and the whole thing changes again.

Based on this relationship between social media and chemistry and combined with a good sense of information aesthetics, Liebling designed a Social media Periodic Table that has been spread world wide due to its simplicity and inventiveness:

Click on the image to enlarge it

Another smart movement from the author is being humble about the success:

Now, if I’m being honest there is nothing particularly scientific about the table. In fact, your table could be very different from my table. You have favourite applications, people and habits. That’s cool.

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