Sugata Mitra: Hole in the wall (13' video)


The video above is our first feature. It was recorded during Sugata Mitra’s conference at UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning Fifth International Seminar: Fighting the Digital Divide Though Education. We wanted it to be long enough to allow our readers understand all Mitra’s ideas (wich are great, by the way) and the overall philosophy of the conference. At the same time, we know how valuable is people’s time when they are on line, so we needed the video to be short in order not to abuse of them.

Please, don’t hesitate to leave your comments on this post, we want to start a discussion about Sugata Mitra’s ‘Hole in the Wall’, Self Organized Learning Systems, etc. If you want to embed the video in your web site, you can get the code here

Update (02/02/09)

Finally, if you would like to watch the whole conference video, please wait until Monday February 2nd.

Those of you who have already seen the 13′ video and are willing to watch the entire conference you can do it at our virtual academy. Please notice that it’s a 87′ video of the whole conference and contains some silences and things that might be unconfortable for online viewers.

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  1. Yes i do , a phd in Education technology in Newcastle studying children’s aspirations in the north east and comparing it to india. I think the comment made by one of the audience that when computers become out of use in FIRST WORLD should then go to THIRD WORLD, i am the same point as of sugata why cant it work the other way round. I would recommend to the lady making a question to visit some of these slums to understand how exiting it is for these children to have access to these computers and teach themselves things without any supervision and now we want to take away their computer and replace it by what has become useless in FIRST WORLD. Very disappointing.

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