"Mobile telephones will reduce the digital divide"


Shantanu Narayen (1964, Hyderabad, India) is managing director of Adobe, the second software company in the world. Products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or PDF have been created on their laboratories.

The sentence above is the main conclusion from an interview published on January 1st on Spanish newspaper El País (spanish text, sorry).

Some of the Narayen ideas are very interesting:


  • Using video conferences and e-learning platforms can help us reducing the cost of papers, travels, etc. It’s the same with on line apps for administrative works, they acelarate decision making.
  • We are suffering a hard economical situation with no precedents and its impact is very difficult to measure. Anyway, we can anticipate that the digital divide will continue reducing because technological innovation will go on, despite of the crisis.
  • It’s very important the amazing grow of the mobile market, a technology that will help actively to reduce the digital divide.
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