Expanded education symposia

Zemos98 collective and Juan Freire are working on Expanded education, a symposia aimed to “search new educational models” that will take place on Sevilla (Spain) on March 22nd and 29th.

The introduction to the event, as they wrote in Spanish, goes like this:

Education can happen on any moment, any place. In and out of the academical institution frontiers. This proposal aims to reflect about the idea of remeaning education in order not to limit it to the academical and institucional scope”.

Expanded Education

It is very interesting how to idea of the education beyond the university is now on the mind not only of the pedagogues, but of everyone that reflects about new social models and trends too. In this case, the idea of edupunk trascends the academical space and gets deeper into the different social layers:

Educommunication -as a concept that goes beyond of education, refounded from social communication- merges with science and creativity creating a third net culture with new paradigsms like: the design thoughts, the laboratory as a workspace, how the frontier between amateur and professional work vanishes, innovation as knowledge driving force and common spaces as a tool for research and interconnection.

Brian Lamb, Jesús Martín-Barbero and Ronaldo Lemos will speak during the event, but we will try to follow the previous and post dicussion.

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