"The videogame is part of my school"


Dibujo de LUIS F. SANZ 


Illustration by LUIS F. Sanz for El País. 

The sentence above is the title choosen by Javier Martín to open a very interesting articled featured yesterday on El País, one of the most important Spanish newspapers.

On his piece, Martín speaks about the use of videogames as a learning tool, which was the main topic of the ECGBL 2008 Congress, announced on this blog by one of his organizers some weeks ago.

The article also features some of the most interesting opinions of Professor Sugata Mitra and, of course, an explanation of his “Hole in the wall project”. The main novelty of the article for the readers of this blog might be the list of competences announced by the MacArthur Foundation as result of the study “Media education for the 21st century“:

  1. Play: experiment with the context
  2. Act: adopt different identities
  3. Simulation: interpret and build dynamic models from the real world.
  4. Appropiation: assuming ideas and rebuild them onto multimedia materials.
  5. Multitask: scan the context and change the target if it is needed
  6. Distributive knowledge: interact with tools in order to distribute our knowledgement
  7. Collective intelligence: gather information and share with others in order to achieve a common target
  8. Common sense: evaluate the credibility of the different sources
  9. Transmediatic: follow the trace of stories and informations through different methods
  10. Connection: search, summarize and distribute
  11. Negotiation: move between the different groups respecting multiple perspectives.
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