Extended Curriki info

Linda G. Roberts was kind enough to send us some more information about the Curriki project she will present us during our Fifth International Seminar: Fighting the Digital Divide through Education.

The first of the documents I want to share is an article titled OER Models that Build a Culture of Collaboration (PDF, 204kb) where Barbara Kurshan explores “the impact that Open Educational Resources (OER) can have on eliminating the Education Divide“. There is an opportunity, Kurshan says, “to build a sustainable community that empowers teachers that want to teach and students that want to learn with high-quality open source educational resources at no cost”.

There is another PDF to complete this post. The Curriki Fact Sheet (PDF, 135kb), where the image above has been taken out from, explains the model the community is based in. A successful model, judging by the two important awards they’ve recieved already and by the number of participants they count with indeed: 19889 resources, 48114 members and 278 groups.

For further information, please visit Curriki homapage.

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