Let's seduce the audience through information aesthetics

Please let me introduce a matter that might be half off topic. You should agree that it’s a must for everyone to defend or at least respect the human rights on everything we do in our lifes. Especially in education, all the professionals involved must be very carefull with the topic, and of course electronic learning is not that different on this way.

Maybe it’s because during the last years some goverments seem to have forgotten the basic human rights that Seth Brau and Andy Poncher created this animation video remembering us every single human right on the UNESCO declaration.

It’s not hard to imagine the video director wondering “how can we make the human rights declaration so attractive that no one will be able to resist the temptation of clicking play?”. The answer is obvius: using and attractive and creative information aesthetics we can renew an old and maybe monotonous message and make it brand new and hot for the audience.

I humbly think this video is a proof of how success can that strategy be and that we should start thinking on using it on the production of e-Learning materials, don’t we?

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