Supercool School: a new way of learning

Guest author: Jonatan Castaño Muñoz
Lecturer at Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


Jonatan has a degree in Political Sciences and in Administration from Barcelona University (2003), he has studied for a Master’s in Applied Social Research Techniques at Barcelona University and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and he is studying for a PhD in the Information and Knowledge Society at the UOC.

In the educational field he had worked as a researcher with the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3-UOC), in the field of analysis of universities of the Project Internet Catalonia (PIC) and is one of the authors of the book La universidad en la sociedad red (Ariel 2008).


Based on the idea of democratising education and free knowledge, and in line with the thinking on e-learning 2.0 and social networks, an innovative idea has emerged which is gradually gaining force as an educational platform: Supercool School.

The idea, as with many good ideas, is simple but effective. This Facebook application works by connecting people interested in learning about a subject with people willing to teach it. It provides them with the virtual environment needed for the classes when a minimum number of students have come together and at least one person or teacher is able to offer their knowledge to them.

Supercool School allows for “live” classes and is currently based in Facebook, which allows for the creation of the social networks. The arrival of the new website is planned for January 2009. Indeed, what better than to hear one of the project leaders in their own words?.



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