Low cost laptops for education

One of the hottest topics featured on the UOC UNESCO Chair Fifth International Seminar: Fighting the digital divide through education is the case study we have “low cost laptops for education”.

The case will be exposed by Ivan Krstic, specialist in systems architecture and scalability and ex-director of security of MIT One Laptop Per Child project. OLPC is exactly the most famous example of low cost laptops for education, and the most controversial too, but it’s not the only one.



Intel announced Classmate PC last year (the link is in Spanish, sorry), a hard rival for OLPC. The last hit on the market is Spark, a low cost laptop designed by IDEO study for the Inkwell Project defined as “a highly mobile concept device that enables learning anytime, anywhere”.

I prefer being prudent when I speak about this kinds of projects, for not everybody understands how can a company make business (the k-12 is a $ 20 billion market, says IDEO) with the idea of providing cheap usefull tools for students… so I’m looking after to hear Mr. Kristic (as far as I know, pretty much criticl with this projects) as soon as possible…

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