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We Magazine is born 

There’s a new magazine I humbly think whe should keep and eye on. I’m speaking about We Magazine, an on line, print on demand or PDF publication, under creative commons, that gets some of the most interesting guest authors on the Internet together.

We Magazine first issue, apart from explaining their aim to analyze and support the Internet phenomena that provide us (as an anonymous audience composed by prosumers), features articles from and interviews with Stephen Downes, Ethan Zuckerman, Joichi Ito, Dan Gillmor and UOC UNESCO Chair Fifth International Seminar speaker Sugata Mitra.

One of the hottest articles on this first issue is Stephen Downes’s Ten Futures. On the text, Downes says “this is a bit linear, but has the virtue of identifying future trends, not things that are around today”, referring to the ten ways that the www might evolve acording to Richard MacManus ideas.

Some of those futures are:

  • The Pragmatic Web: understood as a contextualized www where web sites know about our likes, social connections and trends, etc. to offer us different interaction choices.
  • Extended Reality: as a sensorial extension of the real world. Downes explains: “This reality will not just be a simulation of ’reality‘. Rather, what will emerge as the combination of the two is a kind of ’hyper-reality‘, where objects exist both in the physical world and the digital world”
  • The Human Grid: the idea of the human mind, able to take decisions, recognize paterns and communicate, as the captain of this “technology sheep” is basic. The human intervention will be the key of the right operantion of the companies.
  • Holoselves: “No person can be in two places at once, of course, but one’s avatar can travel one place while you travel to another”.
  • More futures on We Magazine
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