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As we said yesterday, quoting Fray Luis de Leon, one of the fields on communication that has experienced one of the biggest changes is the narrative language. Social media in plain English, the last video we published on this blog, is a good example of how the Internet is causing a deep redefinition of the audiovisual code.

Some authors have done efforts to analyze, organize and explain this reality. Paul Hazel, from the Swansea Metropolitan University, made a very interesting presentation on the Narrative in Interactive Learning Environments 2008 conference, that took place on Edinburgh last 6-8th August.

Hazell’s idea is to set the bases of a proper use of the narrative on the new media and to analyze the its main problems. His presentation (ppt, 2,2m) is highly recomended for those readers interested on the field.

There’s another presentation from the same conference that deserves a mention for its original focus. The title is Inspired Storytelling: The Digital Re-tellings of a Traditional Tale, created by Deborah Maxwell, Catriona Macaulay and Tom Inns, and makes a very interesting travel trough the history of storytelling: form the mouth-ear ancient tradition to all the actual options a storyteller can choose to communicate the content. The very romantic idea behind all the presentation is clear: stories don’t die, they are reborn.



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