Edupunk: second coming


"Punk is dead, punk is everything" by Bryan Ray Turcotte 

Punk is dead, punk is everything“, by Bryan Ray Turcotte, documents more than 30 years of punk aesthetics with a clear idea: punk is dead as a music movement, but you can find its inheritance anywhere in our society. 

It’s been a month since we started writing about Edupunk on this blog. During that time, the term has been spreaded among the Internet with different results depending on the area we look at. On the anglo-saxon www, for example, many influencers are speaking about the concept with very different focusses:

On the spanish www, several experts have been writing about the topic, but only Juan Freire has gone deep into it. His post titled ¿Hacia una identidad edupunk? is highly recommended for spanish readers. Some of the most important ideas contained on the post are:

  • Edupunk is not a technological change but a cultural change.
  • The term gives identity to an older idea: the do it yourself on education, or how open source tools are chepaer, agiler and allows much more independence than propietary software.
  • It is very important not to make the mistake of thinking that TIC are leading a revolution. It’s the people behind technology what allows the change.

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