Some Data Mining presentations

The Data Mining conference yesterday was very interesting. The different projects presented by the UOC staff (thanks a lot to everyone) allowed us to have a panoramic view of the advantages of analyzing all the data obtained on a digital environment.

From a very marketing oriented point of view (why do some students quit their careers?, how is their perception of the university?) to the other extreme, the technical one, all the initiatives are very usefull when we want to understand the student’s behavior.

For all those ones that couldn’t go to the conference and of course for all of the assistants, we have compiled most of the presentations and uploaded it to The rest of them will come very soon, but meanwhile you can see and download 7 of 10.

I’d like to feature one special presentation. It was made by Dr. Enric Mor, who has recently defended his PhD dissertation. It’s writen in catalan and summarizes some of the conclussions he presented on his doctoral thesis:




The rest of the slides, as it follows:

  • “Data Mining in E-Learning” (Sebastián Ventura, in Spanish) – SlidesharePDF (815kb)
  • “SAMOS Project: A data analysis model based on control charts to monitor online learning processes IEMAE” (Angel A. Juan, in English) – SlidesharePDF (669kb)
  • “Caso práctico: informática gráfica” (David Massip, in Spanish) – SlidesharePDF (980kb)
  • “Anàlisi dels perfils d’usuari d’un entorn virtual d’aprenentatge Els estudiants de la UOC” (Muriel Garreta, in Catalan) – SlidesharePDF (1.4mb)
  • “Effective Embedding of Information and Knowledge about Group Activity into the Discussion Process” (Santi Caballé, in English) – SlidesharePDF (1.8mb)

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