How can we measure the students behavior in a digital environment?

Several Universitat Oberta de Catalunya professors and researchers will analyze next wednesday the different ways to measure the behavior of the students when they interact in a digital environment like the UOC campus. Data mining, the process of analyzing large amounts of data from an on line application, is a usefull tool to measure the students behavior and take important decisions based on the obtained conclusions.

During the conference, organized by the UOC UNESCO Chair in E-Learning, different professors and marketing specialists will present nine research projects: from the analysis of the students roles to the research on the UOC degrees value and the profile of the different graduates.

Later, we will have a chance to hear to Dr. Sebastián Ventura, head of the director of the Numerical Analysis department at the Universidad de Córdoba (Spain) and author/coordinator of the book Data Mining in E-Learning (published by WIT Press on 2006).

As an introduction to the conference, you can check the slides (in Spanish) prepared by Dr. Juliá Minguillón, who will be in charge of the opening presentation:




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